Saturday, September 1, 2012

Small Changes To Maximize your Adsense Earnings

Small Changes To Maximize your Adsense EarningsIf you are aware of how to make money using Google Adsense then you must also be aware of the fact that it
is not  very simple to earn money using google adsense Program.
In This article. I will show you how to maximize your earnings with google adsense
by making small changes in ad placement, its size and color.
Small and efficient changes of ads made in page can generate more revenue.

Things To Remember About Ad PLacement

Less Leads To Maximum
Remember the fact that the very fast ad being load on any website will have maximum CPC
(Cost Per Click) value.
Google allows three ad blocks on one page . So most of the webmasters use all three Ads block in their
page to maximize the click factor.
if you use one ad block consists of three or four ads.Then Google will pay your more for each click your visitor will make on your website.

Size Of The Ad

According to professional webmasters
the Big Rectangle ad block is the best performing block .
So it is better to use one rectangular ad block on your webpage
instead of using three or four different ads on your website.

Ad Placement (Location Of The Ad)
The Location of the ad really matters. Its very important to place the ad in correct location.
If the statistics of any website is monitored using Google analytic tools.The number of users who leaved your
site without reading your complete page or even scrolling it down to the content below viewing angle
of the screen are mostly High.
So basically you are losing the potential of those visitor. But if the ad is placed inside the viewing angle of the screen then your are giving better option to visitors to leave your site using your ad block.


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