Sunday, September 2, 2012

Increase Your Adsense Income Three Times More

triple adsense income

As You all know what is Google Adsense and how people earn from it.
The secrets which I am going to share with you will not make you rich but they can at least double or even
triple your Adsense revenue.
If you are a novice in "Online money making" and Google Adsense you probably heard that
people are making thousand of dollars with Google Adsense program.
and you are not.

Just Creation and ads placement on website is not enough to make money on the internet.
what you have to do is to  monitor CTR (Click Through Rate), Number of Page impressions and the amount earned per click

I have read a lot of articles on the internet about ad placement and its color combinations.
but i didn't find any article effective until i my self didn't tried it.
I started researching myself by keep changing the ads placement and color combinations on my website and
observed huge change in my Adsense earnings.
The small changes which i made in my improved my Adsense earnings.

what i did is first i choose image ad of 728 X 980 and placed it on the top of my webpage in center below header.

second change which i made in my website is i select two text ads of 300 X 250 PX blocks and merge them
content of my page.They are effective and working best because they are relevant with my website content.

Third change which i made in my website is i changed the color combination. I choose the color combination
relevant to my website template but it didn't work for me.Then I tried blue color of my title and
links of ad. and light black color for the text and bottom links.
Because people are now become habitual of blue as links.
Remember the fact that CTR (Click Through Rate ) is increase by using blue and light black
color format.


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