Friday, September 14, 2012

How To Make Money On Facebook

make money with facebookFacebook is one of the leading and the most popular social networking website on the internet.
It is popular in all age group from children , adults to old age people.
Facebook can also be used as money making tool which can be used to generate some revenue.
There are several methods you can use to earn money on the Facebook.
for example selling products, creating fan , creating cafe press account and Facebook applications.
Lets discuss them in detail.

1. Sell Products
Facebook can be used to sell third party products for instance Amazon, eBay,ClickBank etc
You can use your unique affiliate link to sell that products on Facebook and earn commission on it.

2. Create Fan page
you can create fan pages  about particular product or service which you want to sell on Facebook.Basically fan pages are create to provide genuine review about certain product or service.People like that fan page because they are interested on that product.

3. Create Online ads Targeting particular Group of People
You can also buy ad space on Facebook on certain page of Facebook to advertise your product or to target specific group of people.

4. Create Cafe Press Account
You can also create cafe press account on facebook to sell your own products like T-shirts, coffee mugs, home appliances, gadgets etc
You can create free cafe press account. and every time someone order from you . you can earn commission on it.

5. Create Facebook Applications
The Facebook is so popular because of the third party applications it offers.There are thousands of interesting Facebook application online.And facebook also provides you opportunity to create your owns.
The facebook application are mostly related to horoscopes, music, games etc and you can also create your own Facebook application and provide ad space on it and earn money.


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