Monday, September 17, 2012

How To Increase CTR Of Website/Blog

How To Increase CTR Of Website/BlogAs we all know how to make money with a blog and Google Adsense.In this article I will tell you
how you can improve your Adsense earnings with the help of increasing you CTR (Click Through Ratio).
By working on your CTR you can maximize your earnings to double .
There are two ways to increase Google Adsense revenue. The first is to increase
live and organic traffic on your website/blog and the second is optimizing Google Adsense Ad placement to get better CTR.
                                                      I will tell you both of these ways so that you can maximize your earnings.

Increasing Live Traffic
Live traffic is the traffic which you get when you publish new content on your website/blog.
This traffic can be generated by many ways for instance social networking and social bookmarking websites .
The social bookmarking is also getting popular in getting live traffic.
You can get live traffic from popular social bookmarking website like delicious, stumbleupon,
Reddit etc.
you can publish your new content and provide you link to social bookmarking websites in order to increase your live traffic.

Increasing Organic Traffic
Organic traffic is the traffic which you get from search engines for particular keywords.
And the organic traffic depends upon position of your website and its search engine optimization.
Here are few tips which you can use to improve your website/blog position in search engine.

1. Always provide genuine and unique content on your website/blog.
2. Always Optimize you content for keyword density.Your keyword density should be
moderated. It should neither be too much and nor be too less.
3. Always write informative and helpful content on your website/blog.Always write in empathic way so that it create bond between you and your readers and satisfies your reader.
if your readers are satisfied with your content they will again like to visit your website/blog.

Increasing CTR (Click Through Rate)
By improving your CTR you can maximize your Adsense earning if you are getting enough traffic on your website/blog.
Here are few Adsense optimization tips which will increase you CTR.

1.Always be careful before selecting the color scheme of your ad. It should be relevant and match with your website/blog.
2.The position of your ad should be in viewing area of screen.So that your visitors should not scroll down the page to view your ad. 
3. Always be careful with your ad type. The large rectangular block is the popular and CTR friendly ad block.


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