Friday, September 7, 2012

Expert Adsense Tips

Expert Adsense TipsNo doubt the Great and genuine way to earn money online is through Google Adsense.
Most of the webmaster are working hard to earn money from Google Adsense.
they create website , update its content on regular and work on the (SEO) of their websites but online
experts are earning dollars with Google Adsense.
The expert webmaster are different from traditional webmasters because they think different
from other webmasters.
Being an expert webmaster is not a difficult thing. Lets learn how to be an Adsense expert in just few ways.

Just creating a website and placing ads on it is not enough to earn huge cash from Google Adsense
what you need is hard work and sincere dedication toward your work by focusing on
website popularity, Adsense placement, ad relevance, and last but not least SEO of a website.

you need to choose best performing Adsense ad format. as it is concluded from survey that
big rectangular ad is the best performing ad of Google Adsense but it the scenario can be different in your case.
so you can also use other ad format which can work best for you.
by choosing right ad format can maximize your Adsense earning to double even triple.
The reason to choose best ad or you site is because it should look perfect with your website and
should be relevant as well.

Proper Ad placement on webpage will also improve your earnings.The ad should not be placed in bottom of the website.
place you ad in such a way so that it is easily accessible to your visitors.
The ad should be placed in viewable angle of the screen so that visitor does not need to
scroll down the page to view your ad.

Another important thing that affects your Adsense revenue is ad palette means color and look of your
ad.Try to select color of the ad in  way so that it look natural and relevant with your website.
The color combination of the ad should be matched with website content to be clicked.

Automatic insertion of Google Adsense code in dynamic webpages is another way to improve your Adsense
if your website is content based you can place your code  in main article of webpage.
In this way you ad will be mixed with your content and the chances of clicked would be increased.

In order to trace your Adsense earnings do constant analysis by using Adsense channels.
try to focus on you daily CTR (click through rate) in different channels.
try to choose different channels for each ad in order to track you CTR properly.
doing this will tell you about performance of each individual ad.

These tips work well for webmaster in earning thousands of dollars daily.
try to adopt these tips in order to maximize you adsense earnings.


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