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To learn how to make money with a blog you have read the steps given below.

Blog And How To Make money with a blog
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What is Blog :- Well blog is a type of website which can be called as sub domain of
for example ""is a website and is blog or service provided to you by blogger. Its free of cost.
Blog is maintained on regular basis. you have to share your posts, images, videos and other content
on your blog.
Most of the blogs available on the internet are graphics rich and also provide facility of commenting and sending messages to other members with the help of

Write your blog in Good and relevant tone:- Of Course Content is the King. The most crucial part of the blogging is what do you want to say and how do you say.
whatever you share on your blog must be appropriate and relevant to your topic. and the tone of the writing should be appealing in the way
that it attracts you audience and make them visit your blog again.

Select Niche for your blog:- If you are planning to make money with your blog . you have to select niche foryour blog . Niche is perticular or specific topic. for instance you select topic of your blog as making money. and the niche of your blog is how to make money with facebook.
which is specific and to to the point off course.You need to select profitable niche for your website . you can find profitable niche with the help of google keyword tools.
which provides you the term search and its popularity with respect to geographical area.

Blog Software:- Well You have to choose a software on which you want to make your blog. The most popular blogging softwares are
word press and blogger.
I recommend to use . its easy to use and off course its a product of Google so it must be convenient to use.Good enough!

Start Blogging

After you set you blog name and its theme you have to start blogging in order monetize it.
Always write the posts which people want to read and select the topic for which you are passionate about and the topic you know about.

Drive Traffic to your blog :-
Driving traffic to your blog is crucial part of blogging if you want to make money with it.
There are many strategies which you can use to drive traffic to your website which include
SEO:-Search engine optimization,email marketing and social networking websites.
you can read about these strategies in detail on this blog.

Video Marketing:- It is an other good way to drive traffic to your website. you need to create interactive video for your blog and upload it
to video sharing website like you tube etc along with description and link of your blog.

Yahoo Answers:- It is Good way to drive traffic to your website . You have to answer questions of people related to your topic and provide them
link to read more about that topic on your blog.

Social Networking Websites:- As you all know the boom about social networking websites now a days. It is best method to generate
traffic on your website. you can create pages of your website , share your content (posts) on social networking websites like
Facebook, Twitter , Google plus etc.

Be Persistent and be consistent :- Maintain you along post persistently . No matter in start it make money or not. because making money
with blog requires patience. you have persistently maintain your blog in order to be succeeded .

Making Money

There are many ways you can us to generate money from your blog .

Affilate Marketing:- Its selling out product of third party website and earn commission on it. you can read about affiliate marketing in detain on this blog.
Pay Per Click :- Sign up for pay per click . These are websites which publish ads on your website and pay you on per click basis.


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