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Some Great Online Marketing Tips

Using Demographic Data When Creating an Online Marketing Campaign  

Knowing the demographics of specific areas can be very valuable not only for brick and mortar businesses, but also companies that operate completely online. Demographic information regarding the age, income, and occupations of people throughout specific locations can be used to craft a highly efficient and effective online marketing campaign for local, international, and online businesses. Once you have gathered this information, perhaps through the U.S. Census Bureau, there are many ways in which you can apply it to your online marketing campaign.  

Targeting Specific Locations through Search Engine Optimization 

By studying demographic data, you can pinpoint regions where large groups of great potential customers reside. If you are targeting young adult consumers, this information may help you locate college towns and other areas with younger populations. Once you have identified the locations that you would like to target, this data can help you improve your SEO efforts.  

We all know that it can be very difficult to gain any ground with search engine rankings if you are targeting very general and commonly used keywords such as “women’s apparel”. There are just too many brick and mortar, as well as online stores, targeting this same keyword. If you target specific location keywords as well, you can more easily achieve high search rankings in these areas.  

Using Online Marketing Strategies That Match Audiences  

Different types of consumers respond to varying types of online marketing strategies. By knowing more about your audiences, you can mold your marketing plan to meet their needs. For example, younger audiences may respond much more favorably to social media marketing and/or web videos, while older audiences might appreciate it if you use <a href="">WordPress templates</a> that make it easier to find product, service, and contact information.  

Set Up Promotions with Other Local Businesses in the Targeted Areas 

Even if your business operates completely online, you can still create a physical and personal presence in areas of the country, or even the world, where your target customers reside. It is best to find a local business in the area that offers a product or service that compliments your own. Collaborating with local businesses can be as simple as promoting one another’s businesses online and in the store. You might also offer coupons on your website that consumers can print off and take into the local store. This will cause a flood of traffic from that region to your website.  

Sending Email Newsletters and Press Releases to People in the Area 

Targeting specific areas through online marketing can be as simple as reaching out directly to people in the area through emails and press releases. The best way to begin building an email list would again be to reach out to local business and community leaders in the area and explaining how your website can deliver value to the consumers. This correspondence may also provide a small sample of what the readers can expect if they do visit the online store or website.  

Creating Web Content That Targets Specific Regions  

When incorporating locations into web content and blog posts, it is important not to overdue it. The use of the location names should be natural. One way to incorporate specific locations is to encourage people from these areas to provide reviews and testimonies that can be displayed on the website. This will not only help SEO, but can also build credibility. Another strategy is to dedicate blog posts to specific locations. You might describe a positive experience that occurred when doing business with this area, profile a local business you admire, or promote relevant events that are taking place. There are many ways to get creative as you reach high quality visitors.  

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