Friday, June 27, 2014

Earn Money By selling Your Idle CPU Time

This articles is all about how you can money online with zero efforts by selling your CPU idle time.
CPU idle time is the time when your CPU has ability to perform tasks and it is remain in sleep mode.
the thing here is to convert that time in cash..
There are many sites which provides this facility known as distributed computing to earn some cash online.
The site which is legit and have some payment proof is
The amount of cash which you can earn depends on the number of threads you have.
This site provides one free thread to earn $1.33 a day which is $30 a month and it is free and you dont ave to make any investment.
Later on you can purchase threads and you can increase your earning . It all depends on your ease.
To start making money with coin generation (distributed computing) is to register on their website and then download there software to provide your CPU idle  time and to track you statistics.
You dont need to configure the software all you need to download it and run it in your background.
To get register with Coin Generation please follow the link to register.
and download the software provided on their website.
Its effortless and good source of part time income.

Happy Effortless Earnings..



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